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Mar 31, 2007 Commentary: Come Together: The Anti-gay US-Latvian Axis
By Kyleovision

(By Kārlis Streips) (Riga) - Once again we can prove to ourselves that religious extremists do not live in our world, they live in some parallel world which they alone are aware of. It has been reported that the noisy structure known as “New Generation” invited an American called Kenneth Hutcherson to visit. Hutcherson presented himself very grandly: “I am here as a representative of the White House,” he said at a New Generation Event.

Readers will know that the White House is the residence of the President of the United States or, in a broader sense, the headquarters for the presidential administration.

The guest’s claims suggest that he came here almost with the blessing of US President George Bush to study “Latvia’s reaction to anti-Christian activities”.

Oh, no. Hutcherson claimed to represent the President’s Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives, but it flatly denied that he had even the slightest right to represent the White House.

“A misunderstanding” is what a New Generation spokesman had to say about this. I doubt it.

Hutcherson was accompanied by a person called Scott Lively who is “best” known for a book in which he claims that Nazism was invited by (you may guess three times) – yes, by gays.

This merry couple, as the New Generation representative explained, was invited here “as human rights activists”.

That is where the parallel world exists, you see.

In America, as in Latvia, there are people for whom the most, most, MOST important thing on the entire, entire, ENTIRE public agenda is human sexuality.

Not anything like poverty, taxes, environmental protection, the war in Iraq – no, the most important thing is gay people or, more precisely, the fight against them.

If anyone dares object to this fight, he is immediately denounced as someone who is “violating the human rights of Christians”.

Similarly, the Ku Klux Klan used to speak about the “human rights” of white people. This is the same claim that is made in our country by quasi-fascist and tiny organisations which claim to represent the “Latvian people” and all that is moral.

These are human rights activists?

Even crazier, albeit not a bit more surprising, is that the noble chairman of the Saeima Human Rights Commission, Janis Smits, lives in the same world.

He, you see, received Kenneth Hutcherson as a “US law enforcement official” who was worried about “discrimination against Christians in Latvia”

To be sure, a battling homophobe can only be chairman of a parliamentary human rights commission in a parallel world, and so the thoughts of this child of God are not surprising, but they are pitiful nonetheless.

The homepage of the US Embassy says nothing about this false prophet, but it has been reported that upon returning to America, he may face legal problems, because lying about representing the White House – that might be a crime in the United States.

That is how far the residents of this parallel world are prepared to go. They lie shamelessly, they devalue human rights to the minimum – apparently that is what Christians in our country do.

UK Gay News, 2007

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