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Mar 29, 2007 Editorial: Lesbian Legal-ese & This Baby Business
By Kyleovision

From the Gay Republic Daily Editorial desk: In Georgia yesterday, the state Supreme Court ducked the issue of whether it was okay to strip parental rights from the former spouse of a child's biological parent. At specific issue was whether or not both members of a lesbian couple (Sara & Melody Wheeler) were properly the parents of a child conceived via artificial insemination while the couple was together.

In the heat of legal battle, Sara found herself arguing something that she'd never expected: that homosexuals (specifically Melody, in this case) ought not be allowed to adopt.

It didn't work. Sara lost, and that's good news. But Sara wasn't the first lesbian to find herself in that position. Hers was not even the first such case to have a high media profile.

Last year, Lisa Miller and her former partner Janet Jenkins went at it in a similar dispute, one that raged in both the relatively gay-friendly Vermont courts and gay-hating Virginia ones. Janet's aim: to keep her kid away from Lisa. The Jenkins-Miller case was perfect tabloid fodder because Janet maintained that since dumping Lisa, Janet had found God and wasn't even a lesbian anymore. God had conveniently flipped a switch, and Janet was 'cured.'

Well, Janet lost in court. And that's good news, too.

In this week's run up to the Georgia non-decision decision, we heard that Sara isn't sure quite sure whether or she's a lesbian anymore, either: "I just don't feel comfortable in that scene, I'm just trying to figure it all out. ...Before I'm anything-- gay or lesbian-- I'm a mother," she says.

Thanks for that Sara, because it helps answer the very first question that arose for me, namely, "what in blipping blazes is the matter with you people?"

Sara's lawyers reportedly told her that she risked setting gay rights back a hundred years; she didn't care. Janet's God apparently told her that the Christian thing to do was to go venue-shopping in arguably the most homophobic legal landscape in North America: she didn't care.

If God flips the switch again on Janet, or should Sara come to her senses almost as miraculously, these women will deservedly be utter pariahs in the GLBT community.

But they really don't care about that either... because they've had babies. Suddenly, with that one act of spawning, all community, all loyalty, all sense of Identity, everything is washed away. They've given birth, and that's all that matters.

Like it not, these people actually believe the dreck that anti-marriage fanatics spew out. (You know, the stuff that says that since gay people cannot procreate, they have no business getting into a game that's all about procreation and nothing else.) Yes, these particular gals must have the very same magical view of biology as the most ignorant of the 'It Ain't Adam and Steve' crowd.

And that being so, here's hoping their God keeps his fingers off that pesky switch. Let them stay str8. We can do without them.

Now comes news that fully a third of lesbians (and 16% of gay men) have [biological] kids of their own.

Eeesh. I should have listened when Dad said law school was the way to go.

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