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Mar 23, 2007 Editorial: Stand Too Close to the Hogs and You Get Some Slop on Your Suit
By Kyleovision

From the Gay Republic Daily Editorial desk: Gay people might be forgiven for being a trifle confused about where Presidential aspirant Mitt Romney stands on gay rights. Pick a period in time, and Romney has spoken in favor of every side of the issue, good, bad and indifferent. Running for the Senate in Massachusetts, he once claimed nothing less than that he was a better friend to GLBTs than Teddy Kennedy; then a year ago, he spearheaded the effort for a state Constitutional amendment to stop us from marrying there. This guy is slippery, isn't he? Well, not so slippery anymore, despite joining some slimy company.

No, it's getting easier to tell where Ole Mitt stands... that is, at least where he stands today.

The Romney campaign just hired a odious fellow named Drew McKissick. And at the top of McKissick's résumé is his leadership of the newly successful effort to ban Equal Marriage in South Carolina. The very next line on that résumé: McKissick is Secretary and Board Member of the national Christian Coalition. Sort of removes a lot of doubts when a candidate puts a guy like that on the payroll, doesn't it?

Now maybe Mitt just doesn't know how offensive a thing is to gay people. I mean, we all know that politicians can be a bit thick. Oh, wait, there's this bit from KFMB TV News: "Last year, Romney's political action committee donated $5,000 to McKissick's SC for Marriage group, which pushed a state constitutional amendment that prevents any type of legal recognition of same-sex unions. While the group solicited cash from other presidential hopefuls, Romney was the only one to write a check, McKissick said."

Never mind.

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