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Mar 22, 2007 Editorial: MN: What If We Allowed Gay Partners Hospital Visits?
By Kyleovision

From the Gay Republic Daily Editorial desk: In a stunning step that would drag Minnesota law forward, kicking and screaming, smack-dab and shining, into the early 1990s, lawmakers are considering passing legislation that says that a gay partner ought to be allowed to visit his or her distressed beloved should said partner become hospitalized.

Astonishing stuff, isn't it? And it only took days and days of listening to gay horror stories for legislators to be thusly moved.

"At the time my partner really needed me the most, I couldn't be there for her," testified Lauri Flaquer of St. Paul. "The last part of her life was stolen from me."

Ah, but allowing gay people to do something so wild as hold the hand of an incapacitated partner under such circumstances has consequences, perhaps dire ones, for society-- just ask Tom Prichard. He's the president of the Minnesota Family Council. Testifying against the bill, he worried aloud that use of the term 'domestic partners' in the statute might "lay the legal foundation for an attack on our marriage laws." And, of course, we all know how icky that is.

I trust that Tom worries a lot about stuff like that. But, you know, I'm betting that he doesn't worry too much about gay people who die alone while, five feet away, the person they've spent their lives alongside stand out in the hall, arguing with Nurse Ratchet about whether or not they can pass through the doorway.

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