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Mar 21, 2007 Editorial: Big Bazooms & The Pride of Jerusalem
By Kyleovision

From the Gay Republic Daily Editorial desk: Last fall, there was a major battle over whether or not gay people ought to be allowed to hold a Pride parade in Jerusalem. In the end, after days of riots by ultra-orthodox Jews and Muslims, gay Israelis called the whole thing off. The dignity of the Holy City was saved, the str8 people said. Now we see what that stony dignity was saved for.

On Monday, two investors from Tel Aviv announced that they'll be opening a Hooters 'restaurant' in that city as early as this summer. But their plans don't stop at providing great, big, silicone-enhanced entertainment in Israel's capital. No, mammary-wrangler and entrepreneur Ofer Ahiraz says he plans to open a chain of Hooters hang-outs, including one-- you guessed it-- in Jerusalem.

Ahiraz is confident that there won't be a busty backlash, and he may be right. After all, everybody hates the queers, right? But what self-respecting Prelate, Rabbi or Imam can say a thing against... hooters?

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