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Dec 25, 2006 Commentary: It is tyranny - plain and simple
By vanrozenheim

And we've been much too careful for the last two years about calling this situation exactly what it is - tyranny. This heterosupremacist attitude that only married people should be entitled to have control over their lives and relationships is not only against the framework of our own freedom of association, but is obscene in the methods being used to maintain supremacist control over our lives.

There are times when we have to step up to the plate and not be afraid to call these people what they are - and bigots is just the polite form. They are every bit as tyrannical as the very king and Parliament this nation fought to gain independence from - and they are just as determined to maintain some ridiculous sense of special rights for themselves just because some American "Christian" ayatolluh's business is completely dependent on propagating a caste system.

When Leonard Pitt's column ran in our local newspaper this morning (and what a shock that our local rightwing rag would even print it) there had to be at least one christo-fascist commenter whining about how we "choose" to be "unnatural". Typically, I sent an online comment right back, challenging him to talk about how he projects sexuality in terms of his own experience - meaning apparently he chose the more "correct" one. You can't choose anything unless you have the notion that you can be something else - it's time to make these supremacists whining this crap to start spilling their tales of conscious selection.

As for third class status, Wisconsin can forget my support. When the people of an entire state are so stupid and so willing to sell out a basic human right to determine my own damned burial arrangements or let a partner make a simple hospital visitation, there isn't much of a way to put lipstick over the bruises.

But I do blame our own community for much of this defeat. I know we have an uphill battle, but until we are willing to tell our stories - and tell them loudly - and insist our local media give us the right to say something about our OWN experiences, this situation ain't gonna change too soon. And I've read those experiences even here on the Blend - those comments in a thread the other day which talked about how families accepted or rejected our relationships are exactly the kinds of stories that need to be told to everyone.

We shouldn't have to continue attempting to overcompensate for being gay by trying to be better principled human beings than those lowlife trash who pass themselves off as "religious" people with a "moral" foundation. The only damned foundation these people have is to give themselves as much of a step up in life as possible at the expense of as many other people as possible.

There has never been a real "debate" over marriage, period. Straight people are too insecure to actually examine statutes dealing with such matters as life, property, health and death - and they most certainly don't wish to discuss their abhorrent behavior when they strip a gay relative's home of every possession and toss a partner out into the street because the good Lord told them being "gay" was a sin. But it is high time this discussion was handled - not just for gay Americans, but for every single person in this country.

Families are (and have never been) ideal structures where everyone gets along famously, no one abuses anyone or beats their children, and no one abuses their spouse and destroys any love that should naturally be there. And we all know the fundies are at the heart of the perpetration of those dysfunctional homes - there are too many stories of children and spouses abused and neglected by one member of a family joining some nutcase church and hauling home the nose of a meddling minister (or worse, his peepee) into that home environment.

It isn't rocket science for any American to relate on his or her own experience and understand that there are millions and millions of people in this country who just don't have the ideal 1950's television sitcom life. And it sure as hell ain't rocket science to figure out that in every damned family in this country, a funeral is nothing but the backdrop for the heavy-handed greed ensuing over anything of mortal and monetary value. We've all seen it - and so has every single official "family" member. The laws in their present form do not protect the people they are created to serve. And when those who have been awarded the only right to form relationships based on an image (and regularly break their vows without legal/social penalty)are also given absolute control over the lives of all other members in a family, then the "family" associations are promoting nothing but tyranny.

Well now - I've just been on a ranting spree lately...hahaha. I might just cross-post this rant on Democratic Underground...

First published by kevingoode on www.pamshouseblend.com

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