Quickie Link [1]: Irish Gay Partnership Law May Recognise Foreign Unions [2]

By : vanrozenheim on Jan 05, 2008 - 10:46 PM
EqualMarriage [3]
(Ireland) - The Government's planned civil partnership scheme for Gay and Lesbian couples is likely to provide for the automatic legal recognition of civil unions or weddings in certain other countries, it has emerged. Already, dozens of Gay and Lesbian couples are travelling to countries such as Canada and the UK to wed or obtain civil partnerships, in the hope their unions will be recognised in Irish law shortly. Senior sources say that civil unions or weddings will have the same legal recognition as new civil partnerships in Ireland, as long as they meet a number of conditions. Such a provision is contained in civil partnership legislation in the UK, which recognises unions in almost 20 countries, including the US, Canada and France.

Note: Read more on Ireland.com [4]
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