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By : vanrozenheim on Dec 17, 2007 - 05:31 PM
Enemy_Voice [3]
(Uganda) - Surprisingly, the gays and lesbians are claiming their sexual orientations as a “human right” and are seeking to coerce Ugandans into stamping the national seal of approval on these weird practices. But for the majority of Ugandans, this demand is uncompromisingly unacceptable. They could suffer the moral and cultural outrage silently, but asking them to applaud the sexual deviations goes against the grain. Perhaps the best that the homosexual and lesbian fraternity could do for themselves and the country is to maroon themselves on some island in Lake Victoria, where their sexual passions would consume them into extinction after about 100 years. This is not homophobia, but sound, social and demographic planning.

Note: The writer is the Chairman Uganda Land Commission. Reas more on New Vision [4]
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