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Nov 05, 2007 Quickie Link: Obama's Mistake Raises Questions on Gay Commitment
By vanrozenheim

(USA) - Not surprisingly, at the Oct. 28 gospel show, a fired-up McClurkin told a cheering audience, "I don't speak against the homosexual. I tell you that God delivered me from homosexuality." Afterward, Obama continued trying to distance himself from McClurkin's views. But the reality is that he gave McClurkin a stage, a microphone, an audience and national media attention. And Obama inadvertently ended up reinforcing two myths unfortunately believed by many religious African-Americans -- that Gays are white and being Gay is sinful. Rod McCullom, a popular black gay writer and longtime Obama fan, said the fiasco makes him wonder how hard Obama would push for gay equality as president. "He folded like a deck of cards. If he is going to fold on the campaign trail, why would we not think he'd fold in the Oval Office?"

Note: Read more on detnews.com

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