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Sep 26, 2007 Editorial: Who Said Anything About Bombs?
By Cameron Whitethorne

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke on Monday at Columbia University, where he avoided answering a question on persecution of Gay people in Iran, claiming there were no homosexuals in his country. The world rejoiced, and commentators didn’t spare with scorn on the Iranian President. Only few witnessed that Ahmadinejad’s words caused them no laugh at all, since there are too many dead bodies connected to his presidency.

The overall tone of most publications was, astonishingly, very moderate. Still, some Gay rights activists immediately warned against demonizing Ahmadinejad, pointing out that Gays should not support any military action against Iran by USA or Israel.

I just do not understand the reflexive deference to Iran that one finds just about everywhere Leftists congregate. Always the discussion leaps straight to supposed inclinations on the part of the US to bomb them. Oh, but the US simply mustn't bomb them.

When did any Gays suggest that they should?

Making things explode is a fine way to create rubble. When the world needs more rubble, it's the first thing I shall suggest. As the things stand, no one is calling for that. Iran should stop torturing and murdering Gays. If someone can find a way to persuade them of the virtue in that course of action -- let them speak up. Gay people should leave Iran. They should leave at once. The place is over-run with barbarous torturers and murderers. Who would council remaining in such company? The rest of the world should do all in their power to help Gays leave Iran and help them make homes elsewhere... where there are at least fewer torturers and murderers. I know of few places Gays of Persian descent (or any other genetic background) would actually be safe.

But who said anything about bombs?

I would like only a few things better than for Mr. Ahmadinejad's statement to be correct -- there should be no Gays in Iran. They should leave. It is true that this is but a short-term solution. I will leave it to those who believe in social engineering to come up with a long-term one. In any case, the short-term solution would work in perpetuity. Not only should Gays leave Iran now, they should continuously and always leave all places resembling the current-day Iran.

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