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Aug 28, 2007 News: Migrate, Uganda's Minister of Ethics Tells Gays
By vanrozenheim

(Uganda) - Uganda's Ethics Minister Dr James Nsaba Buturo advises homosexuals to emigrate, calling their acts "shameful, abominable and un-godly." In an interview with Daily Monitor, Buturo expressed his views on homosexuality and Gay rights, telling the public: "My view is that of the majority of Ugandans. All people who have participated in this debate are denouncing the act. What else do these gays want? The message has been clear that their acts are not accepted in our society. They are wasting their time to claim that they are advocating for their rights. We shall not allow them to mislead our young generation. Shame on them. Our laws are clear, homosexuality is illegal."

He proceeded then:

"If God is against homosexuality, who are we to legislate for it. We would be bringing a curse on Uganda, God forbid. They have no place in our country. They should change to a normal way of life. They should know that they are not free to do whatever they want. Homosexuality is not part of our values. As government we shall do everything possible to help them change and those who don't want to change would be arrested. We shall not act under pressure. It's nonsense to say that their acts are natural."

Questioned on whether the government is infringing on human rights of Gays by attacking them, this so-called public official openly admitted the views of Uganda’s government on the issue of human rights:

"There are no rights for gays and lesbians in this country. Let them go anywhere else if they don't want to change to normal life. They have rights as Ugandans and human beings but not the right to be gay or lesbian. We pray that they accept Jesus so that they can discover that they are in the wrong. Either they change or the law catches up with them. If gays are demanding for rights, then rapists, defilers and those who sleep with animals should do the same."

"Like I have said before gays have no right in society. No law in Uganda gives them rights. No body can give you a right to drive the world crazy. Those people are crazy. You cannot infringe on what does not exist. It's good that they have come out and we are going to deal with them like never before."

The Ethics Minister referred to the Bible as the main inspiration for his beliefs on homosexuality:

"I am a born again Christian. Homosexuality is a sin. If they are Christians, they should know that according to the Bible, they are sinners."

Finally, Buturo declared his contempt for the human rights activists, expressing his manifest belief that Gays engage in sex for money, and that Uganda’s government and people are united in their hatred against this particular part of Uganda’s population:

"These people are promoting this act here for money. But they will do it from anywhere else and not Uganda. There are countries that are funding these people to promote evil here but we shall not accept it. They would rather go and do it in those countries."

"The police cannot arrest those who claim they are gays. But if you are caught in the act, they have always arrested them. However, it's good that they have come out now. That would help us to catch up with them. We have now known that there is a useless group of people who have invaded our society and the law will deal with them. 99 per cent of Ugandans condemn this act. And we are determined to fight it out of our country. We appeal to the public to point out those they suspect or know to be gays."

The minister is, however, irrant on the actual percentage of Gay-hatred in his country: only 95 per cent of Ugandans said homosexuality should not be legalised, according to a recent poll, as reported by Daily Monitor on a previous occasion.

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