Quickie Link [1]: Lesbian Story Takes African Prize [2]

By : vanrozenheim on Jul 10, 2007 - 06:10 PM
Culture [3]
(UK) - The Ugandan writer who won the Caine Prize for African Writing with a story about lesbianism, often a taboo topic in Africa, says she is "very excited". Monica Arac de Nyeko beat four other finalists to get the $20,000 (10,000) prize for her story Jambula Tree. It is about a relationship between young girls in a country where homosexuality is illegal. Jambula Tree was described as "witty and mischievous" by the judges. Her publisher Becky Ayebia Clarke said when she first read the story she thought "how brave" Ms Arac de Nyeko was to take on the subject. "In Africa these are not the kind of stories we're allowed to tell. She's taking on a theme that Africans have been in denial about - a theme about same-sex love."

Note: Read full article on BBC [4]
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