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Topic: Enemy_Voice

The new items published under this topic are as follows.

Feb 18, 2008# Quickie Link: Gays to Face New Clamp
Enemy_Voice (Bahrain) - A crackdown on homosexuals could be launched in Bahrain, including tougher immigration checks to stop foreign Gays entering the country. It would include a study to determine how widespread homosexuality is in Bahrain. Parliament's foreign affairs, defence and national security committee has already backed the proposal, which would force the government to carry out the study. He said the study was being carried out despite the fact that the Education Ministry claims there are no homosexuals in schools.
# Note: Read more on Gulf Daily News

Feb 11, 2008# Quickie Link: Spanish Conservatives Would Eliminate Gay Rights
Enemy_Voice (Spain) - The Spanish People's Party candidate for the presidency, Mariano Rajoy, is promising to eliminate homosexual adoptions if he is elected in March, according to Spanish media reports. "In the area of adoption I'm not in agreement. I would change it, yes, I would take the right away from them (homosexual couples)," said Rajoy in an interview yesterday. Regarding the controversial "Education for Citizenship and Human Rights" program, which teaches "pro-homosexual ideology" to children in Spanish elementary schools, Rajoy said he would eliminate it and substitute language and technology classes. "I think that if we are talking about teaching values or principles, that should be studied in all classes," he said.
# Note: Read more on Life Site

Dec 31, 2007# Quickie Link: Anti-Gay Movie Out Soon
Enemy_Voice (Nigeria) - All is set for the Nigerian film industry to release the first gay movie titled “Sinful Saints” early next year. Directed by Nigeria’s 2005 Best Film Director, Dickson Iruegbu, the movie seeks to answer such questions as whether homosexuality is an African or borrowed culture. Sinful Saints is the story of a kid whose over-protective mum (Clarion Chukwura) sheltered him so much that at age 19 he had not had any contact with a woman. Meanwhile his hormones are raging but ignorance has set in and he clings onto his fellow man to satisfy his sexual needs. Soon he is enmeshed in homosexuality. For Charles Waran, one of the lead actors, who plays a capricious role under the ‘Fag Lord’ (KOK) as a pimp, “the movie is important to me. It is a tragedy that young men could find themselves gay and be proud of it. I feel challenged playing this role. It’s a love story on the fag side of life.”
# Note: Read more on Daily Guide Ghana

Dec 27, 2007# Quickie Link: 'We Must Resist Gays' Says Christian Bishop
Enemy_Voice (Uganda) - The Government should not yield to pressure and legalise homosexuality and lesbianism, the Bishop of Bukedi Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Nicodemus Okille, has appealed. The bishop, who was delivering his Christmas sermon at St. Peter’s Church of Uganda Tororo on Tuesday, said the acts violate both the biblical teachings on marriage and African culture. Okille criticised the advocates of Gay rights, saying they had no place in the Kingdom of God. “These are acts to question the ordinances of God. There’s nothing like ‘intellectualising’ sin; sin is sin. How do you imagine a woman sharing the same bed with a woman or a man with a fellow man?” he asked. According to the Penal Code Act, homosexuality is illegal and carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.
# Note: Read more on New Vision

Dec 17, 2007# Quickie Link: Uganda: 'Homosexuals, lesbians erode national decency'
Enemy_Voice (Uganda) - Surprisingly, the gays and lesbians are claiming their sexual orientations as a “human right” and are seeking to coerce Ugandans into stamping the national seal of approval on these weird practices. But for the majority of Ugandans, this demand is uncompromisingly unacceptable. They could suffer the moral and cultural outrage silently, but asking them to applaud the sexual deviations goes against the grain. Perhaps the best that the homosexual and lesbian fraternity could do for themselves and the country is to maroon themselves on some island in Lake Victoria, where their sexual passions would consume them into extinction after about 100 years. This is not homophobia, but sound, social and demographic planning.
# Note: The writer is the Chairman Uganda Land Commission. Reas more on New Vision

Oct 17, 2007# Quickie Link: Gambia's President Praises Sharia, Slams Gays
Enemy_Voice (Gambia) - President Yahya Jammeh has called on the Islamic Ummah to be steadfast, bold and united in the spirit of Islam to condemn any form of attack on the Islamic religion. The Gambian leader, said "if you call yourself a Muslim, and believe in the supremacy of the Almighty Allah, while labelling Sharia as a bad law, then you are bound to go to hell," noting that Sharia law is the law of the Almighty God. According to him, Western kind of democracy will not be accepted in Gambia, noting that being Gay is unacceptable in this country as long as he lives.
# Note: Read more on AllAfrica

Oct 09, 2007# Quickie Link: Uganda's Minister for Ethics Vows to Fight Homosexuality
Enemy_Voice (Uganda) - The Minister for Ethics and Integrity, James Nsaba Buturo, has vowed to block the demand for recognition of Gay's rights. "The Government shall do whatever it takes to block the spread of homosexuality." People who are agitating for those rights are selfish individuals with callous intention, Buturo said, adding that: "They are trying to impose a strange, ungodly, unhealthy, unnatural, and immoral way of life on the rest of our society." "I will endeavour to block it. I can assure you on that. Let them go to another country, and not here," the furious Buturo said. His reaction comes a week after the State Minister for Youth and Children's Affairs, James Kinobe, revealed that a Bill on homosexuality was in the offing. Kinobe also vowed to oppose the demand for recognition of the Gay's rights.
# Note: Read more on New Vision

Sep 12, 2007# Quickie Link: Homophobe Ranting in Uganda: Part II
Enemy_Voice (Uganda) - Dear Mr. Long, Your August 23 letter to President Museveni and press release complaining about Uganda's laws and policies regarding homosexuals contains flawed logic, numerous errors and misrepresentations. In addition, it shows an unacceptable lack of respect for Uganda's culture and values. First you talked about our church, Makerere Community Church, as a recipient of PEPFAR HIV/Aids funding. The fact is that Makerere Community Church has never received funding. And even if we did in the future, getting donor funding in no way obliges us to change our laws and values as a people. We are a proud African race whose faith, values and cultures have been handed down for many generations.
# Note: Read more on New Vision

Sep 12, 2007# Quickie Link: Homophobe Ranting in Uganda: Part I
Enemy_Voice (Uganda) - When a mother looks into her baby's innocent eyes, she envisions a responsible adult- the next David Beckham or perhaps Priscilla Winans. Never does the possibility of a gay relationship cross her mind. If anything she dreams of the day when she will have grandchildren. Years later if the same child announces that she/he is leading a gay lifestyle, any parent's heart would be broken. The truth is, the gay lifestyle has crept into our society and the latest development is the demand by the gay community to be legally recognised. The genesis of this social vice is elusive but is variously talked about in the Bible. Remember the story of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible? Still the cause wasn't mentioned.
# Note: Read more on The Monitor

Aug 28, 2007# News: Migrate, Uganda's Minister of Ethics Tells Gays
Enemy_Voice (Uganda) - Uganda's Ethics Minister Dr James Nsaba Buturo advises homosexuals to emigrate, calling their acts "shameful, abominable and un-godly." In an interview with Daily Monitor, Buturo expressed his views on homosexuality and Gay rights, telling the public: "My view is that of the majority of Ugandans. All people who have participated in this debate are denouncing the act. What else do these gays want? The message has been clear that their acts are not accepted in our society. They are wasting their time to claim that they are advocating for their rights. We shall not allow them to mislead our young generation. Shame on them. Our laws are clear, homosexuality is illegal."
#

May 23, 2007# Quickie Link: Moscow Patriarchate: Stop Gay Propaganda in Russia
Enemy_Voice (Moscow, Russia) - On the eve of gay pride parades in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Russian Orthodox Church urges the society to jointly oppose ‘the forces that try to make us live without any notice of write or wrong.’ ‘The Russian Orthodox Church considers unacceptable the sexual minorities parade, which infringes on our multiethnic nation’s moral norms, on public order, and in a long run - on our people’s future,’ the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations' communication service said in a statement published on Wednesday. ‘Aggressiveness in promoting gay ideas even under a human rights disguise is obviously provocative. The gay activist nave no respect for other people’s rights and do not even consider that what they do may offend others,’ the document said.
# Note: Read full article on Interfax

May 22, 2007# Quickie Link: Ghana: No Room for Gays And Lesbians
Enemy_Voice (Ghana) - The Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Kwame Osei-Prempeh has stated that lesbianism and gayism remain criminal acts under the countries statutes. He explained that charters and international conventions that recognize homosexualism do not override national laws. For that reason the Criminal Code of 1960, which outlaws homosexualism is incontrovertible, says the Dep. AG He was speaking in an interview with the media at the ongoing 41st Ordinary Session of the African Charter on Human People's Rights (ACHPR), where gay right activists accused the organizers of failing to put their rights on the table for discussion.
# Note: Read full article on allafrica.com

May 20, 2007# Quickie Link: Poles March in Support of Traditional Family Values
Enemy_Voice (Warsaw, Poland) - Hundreds of Poles marched through Warsaw on Sunday in support of traditional family values, a day after thousands turned out for the capital's annual gay pride parade. Education Minister Roman Giertych, who leads the ultraconservative League of Polish Families, a junior partner in Poland's governing coalition, told the PAP news agency he was marching to support family values and to protest Saturday's gay pride march. "I think that one has to oppose what happened here yesterday," Giertych said, referring to the march of 5,000 gay rights supporters. "Revolting pederasts came here from many countries and tried to impose their propaganda on us."
# Note: Read full article on International Herald Tribune

May 06, 2007# Quickie Link: The Curtain Coming Down on Democracy
Enemy_Voice (USA) - Those who ban the text of Leviticus as "hate speech" assume the typical reader is inflamed with the same savage resentments that they are, that all it will take to set off a conflagration is to preach this text. Once the evil genie is let out of the bottle, rednecks will take to their pick-up trucks, declare a pogrom against gays, and parade through the homosexual ghetto with shotguns blazing.
# Note: Read full article on Virtue Online

May 03, 2007# Quickie Link: DUP Minister Faces Gay Pride Grant Row
Enemy_Voice (Belfast, Northern Ireland) - An incoming DUP minister was today facing a gay grant controversy over spending within his new Government department. Rev Ivan Foster, who is bitterly opposed to the Stormont deal on restoring devolution, said: "If it turns out that financial support for a celebration of sodomy is sanctioned by a member or office bearer of the Free Presbyterian Church, then it will underscore the utter futility of the power sharing agreement that has been put together by the DUP and Sinn Fein." The annual Gay Pride parade in Belfast has been picketed by Christian objectors in recent years. The protesters have also attempted, without success, to persuade the Parades Commission to ban the event.
# Note: Read full article on Belfast Telegraph

Apr 08, 2007# Quickie Link: Moscow Mufti's Gay Pride Opinion Trumps Elton John's
Enemy_Voice (Moscow, Russia) - Religious leaders' criticism of the sexual minorities' idea to hold a gay parade in Moscow strengthens the future of Russia, the Moscow mayor's press-secretary Sergey Tsoy thinks. 'Though I am a Christian, I appreciate Mufti Tajuddin incomparably more than Elton John since Tajuddin represents the interests and hopes of a million Moscow Muslims, my fellow citymen,' Tsoy told Moskovsky Comsomolets daily in his interview published on Friday. The sexual minorities create problems for themselves and provoke conflict when 'their most aggressive members try to impose their convictions on millions of Moscow citizens who deny their lifestyle,' he said. 'They play with fire. That's their aggressive nature,' Tsoy said commenting the gay pride organizers plan to hold their parade even without a legal permission.
# Note: Read full article on Interfax

Apr 06, 2007# Quickie Link: New Jersey Radio Jocks Accused of Bigotry
Enemy_Voice (Newark, NJ) - Religious, gay and ethnic leaders joined together yesterday to condemn New Jersey 101.5 FM radio shock jocks Craig Carton and Ray Rossi -- "The Jersey Guys" -- for what they believe are ethnic slurs, anti-gay comments and religious hate speech. The "Coalition Against Bigotry and Hate" plans to send the station's advertisers and investors transcripts containing comments made by Carton and Rossi in February....
# Note: The details are at NJ.com

Apr 05, 2007# Quickie Link: TIME: Ann Coulter the Clown
Enemy_Voice Are straight people allowed to say "faggot"? Are white people allowed to say "nigger"? Generally no. Our unwritten speech codes require that those words be used only by gays and blacks, respectively (black gays can say both). Which is just as it should be: minorities can reappropriate slurs if it empowers them or even if it just humors them — I think it's funny when fellow gays sarcastically say "Hey faggot" to me. But it wouldn't be so funny if, say, my heterosexual boss said it.
#

Apr 03, 2007# Quickie Link: God's Anti-gay Karaoke Machine Plays a New Tune
Enemy_Voice (USA) - There's been a change at some Evangelical mega-churches: less emphasis on ham-fisted, outright excoriation gay people and more put on a loud, flashy brand of 'self-help' theology. But make no mistake, the pastors of the big congregations know what power they wield, and they're not so much giving up on their core anti-gay message as they are spinning it to make it more palatable.
# Note: The whole story is in Der Spiegel

Mar 31, 2007# Quickie Link: The Nonchalance of Evil
Enemy_Voice The BBC and Louis Theroux take a look inside "The Most Hated Family in America": the Phelpses of 'God Hates Fags' fame. What he finds is not collection of hillbillies, but rather a surprisingly normal, urbane family that just happens to peddle incomprehensible hatred. Theroux even joins them on a demonstration against iniquity, namely in front of a Kansas store that sells vacuum cleaners made in a well-known Satanic haven... Sweden.
# Note: A preview is in the Guardian
BBC Program podcast is here