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Badinage - Found While Wankering

Feral - Aug 31, 2007 - 04:52 AM
Post subject: Found While Wankering
Rain wrote:
Hmmm...I've been thinking....

I view of the Larry Craig incident and of the many other Republican private parts that keep coming to light...maybe we should start a thread called "Found While Wankering"!

Let the good times roll.
Rain - Aug 31, 2007 - 04:53 AM
Post subject: RE: Found While Wankering
OH MAMA...this is gonna be gooooooooooood!!!
Rain - Aug 31, 2007 - 05:32 AM
Post subject: RE: Found While Wankering
Senator Larry Craig's Arrest Report
Rain - Aug 31, 2007 - 05:39 AM
Post subject: RE: Found While Wankering

Was this guy in the mens room trying to give away free BJ's? What the hell is going on in this country? A US senatro for Gods sake? As a lifelong Republican this is just sooooooooo depressing. Bush sucks, Cheney sucks, and apparently, Senator Craig is "eager" to suck.
Tim B, San Diego, CA (Sent Tuesday, August 28, 2007 2:21 PM)

From a Republican blogger on FirstRead MSNBC. I couldn't have put it better myself. Now the question begs to be does this life long Republican know about giving away free blow jobs in men's rooms?

(The sudden, blinding flash you just saw was me grinning like an idiot.)
vanrozenheim - Sep 01, 2007 - 04:45 AM
Post subject: RE: Found While Wankering
The report of Craig's arrest reads like a bizarre narrative which is unintendedly comical. The plain report of the police officer is very similar to the corresponding documents of policemen from 19th century. I am sure the officer truly believs in his mission to keep lewed conduct out of men's rooms. These narratives would be usually a reason for a good lough, if only they weren't reports of ruinining lives of so many men. Sure, Senator Craig has acted against Gay people on a number of occasions, and he is an enemy of our people (a traitor, too -- perhapts). But this is an entirely separated matter.
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