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Open Forum - Tammy Lynn Michaels disses Bush, Rove

berto - Aug 27, 2007 - 03:01 PM
Post subject: Tammy Lynn Michaels disses Bush, Rove
Tammy Lynn Etheridge (nee Michaels -- Melissa Etheridge's wife) has recently blogged about Little Boots and Karl Rove:

what do you get when you cross elmer fudd with bush? WMD

so if i blog
about what an idiotic, parasitical, country-raping piece of shit george w. bush is, i could
go to jail?

george bush
you are a criminal
you are raping our country of our intentions
i do wonder if his mom and dad go to bed at night
proud of little whiskey-cokey-georgie poo
his dictatorship?
how does laura lay her head down at night
pulled eyes and all
and dream sweetly of lambies and cashmere sweaters?
when she fucks him
does she call him adolf or castro?

you sweaty little piggish oompa loompa elmer fudd ass
karma is a bitch
and i don't think you'll ever get
that wascaly wabbit
while torturing the fellas at abu gharib

this war is
war for profit
something i am sure
the bible does not favor

weapons of mass destruction:
the current american government.

now come arrest me
you f*ckers.

The New York Post (that vile homophobic shitrag) was not amused.

Tammy Lynn Etheridge responded to the NYP on her blog, "Hollywood Farm Girl" (the Aug. 24 entry). I'll let you go read it there yourself.
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