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berto - Apr 23, 2007 - 02:22 PM
Post subject: Calumnies, lies and slander...
Think of the CHILDREN!!!!1!!!11!!!!

A plan to open a gay massage parlour near St Kilda Primary School, horrifying parents and sparking outrage among the community.

Because, of course, those queers are all just out to rape your kids... Rolling Eyes

Parent groups claim the redevelopment of the landmark Greyhound Hotel into a gay nightspot will turn the venue into a brothel. The venue plans to stay open 24 hours a day from Friday to Sunday. It is expected to have a bar, sauna, spa and massage facilities, as well as private cubicles.

Under state law, a brothel cannot be located within 200m of a school. Port Phillip Council said the parlour would not provide prostitutes.

Doesn't sound like a "brothel" to me. And even if it *was*, so what? It's not like they'll be screwing on the sidewalk in front of the damn school!

Council mayor Janete Bolitho said she could not ban the venue on moral grounds. "That's not open to the powers of the council," she said. "My view is that what we want to ensure is we don't have any amenity impact on residents. We want a well-managed venue with no spill over effects."

Well thank goodness that "that's not open to the powers of the council", and that the bigoted "morals" of Port Phillip's "horrified parents" aren't going to be allowed to run roughshod over this business.

.... I expect this is going to become a lengthy thread...
Feral - Apr 24, 2007 - 03:20 AM
Post subject: RE: Calumnies, lies and slander...
Doesn't sound like a "brothel" to me. And even if it *was*, so what?

I agree that it does not sound like a brothel. As for if it *was* -- state law requires such establishments be more than 200 meters from a school. One can certainly argue whether the law should be repealed (as if), but as it stands, if the establishment is, in fact, a brothel, then it must find some other piece of Real Estate than the one they have chosen.

I can see the source of the opposition's concern -- heterosexual "massage parlors" are pretty much synonymous with brothels. It's apparently a long-standing tradition in straight culture. Whatever. What is being proposed is not a heterosexual massage parlor -- it is a gay one.

News Flash: gay people quite often manage their own affairs quite independently of straight people and the things that straight people do and with a total disregard for the way in which straight people do these things. Some gay businesses are remarkably similar to their heterosexual counterparts, and some are not. Prostitution would be in the latter category, I think.

I've never heard of a "gay brothel." The idea is bizarre to me. Perhaps in some curious corner of the world they have such things, but I have never encountered mention of them.

Would such a place employ prostitutes? I think not. I mean, there's to be a sauna and private cubicles -- it sounds remarkably like a bathhouse. I do not think the management would long hold onto the idea that they might sell to their clientele that which their clientele is giving away for free. Hustlers might conceivably congregate there against the wishes of the management, though I doubt very many. After all, it is quite difficult to sell that which is otherwise free of charge.
Rain - Apr 24, 2007 - 09:48 PM
Post subject: RE: Calumnies, lies and slander...
My BF saw the title of this thread and got a huge kick out of it...calumnies, lies, and slander is what we yell at each other when one accuses the other of something we obviously did, but refuse to own up to putting salt in the sugar bowl by mistake...LOL. Yes, HE did that...not I!

***OW! Quit it...that was my neck, you stupid cow!!!!***
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