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Feral - Apr 18, 2007 - 09:37 PM
Post subject: Six students face charges in attack
6 students face charges in attack

Anthony Hergesheimer, 15, told police six schoolmates peppered him with disparaging remarks about his openly gay lifestyle before hurling an aerosol can that struck him in the nose as he walked home from school on April 5. Hergesheimer underwent surgery for a broken nose.

Arrest warrants have been issued for two juveniles who have been charged as adults. Kyle Salazar, 16, and Bobby Ray Kanmore, 17, face felony charges of second-degree assault and committing a bias-motivated crime, according to District Attorney Bill Thiebaut.


A spokesman for Pueblo City Schools said the students implicated in the attack on Hergesheimer have been suspended and could face expulsion.

Huh. A suspension. Golly. They might get expelled. The school's actions in this case are so dreadfully confidence-inspiring.

Fortunately, the DA has a much more sensible course of action in mind.
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