News [1]: US Homophobe Scott Lively Tours Russia [2]

By : Sven Rabatzky on Sep 10, 2007 - 06:20 PM
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(Russia) - Scott Lively, president of "Defend the Family," arrived in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk today. Lively will speak in the Sverdlovsky Palace of Culture in Krasnoyarsk on September 13, presumably promoting his anti-Gay bias to a willing auditory. Lively is author of the pseudo-historian book "The Pink Swastika," which is suggesting that homosexuals are the ones to be blamed for the Nazi regime in Germany. In Krasnoyarsk Lively, who was referred by the Russian media as an “American human rights activist” representing a “human rights organization,” will keep a few lectures for students, probably on applied homophobia. He himself reportedly intends "to inform young people about real reasons of homosexuality" and the results of “medical research” in this field. quotes Lively telling:

"Homosexuals have formed real political power today. They submit young people to their ideas, work in high schools and Mass Media very actively. You will hardly notice how those who speak against it begin to be pursued. It has already happened in my country, and I do not want it to happen in Russia."

"The youth must know about "the blue threat" as much as possible. Many countries of the former Soviet Union, which had been the outposts of family values recently, have submitted to the pressure of homosexuals."

"A gay parade has already been held in Lithuania, and in Kiev Ukrainian President was standing on one stage with George Michael, a homosexual singer, who has been caught making love in the bushes recently. Even in Russia in the town of Omsk homosexuals penetrated into a local university and formed their own club, which tried to breakdown my lecture. But I believe that Russia will become a country, where "the blue plague" will be stopped."

In May, Lively has been reported visiting Latvia immediately before the Gay Pride. Lively, and the American preacher and former NFL linebacker Ken Hutcherson, who heads the Antioch Bible Church in Seattle, were in Riga earlier this year following in invitation from the New Generation Church. During that visit Hutcherson claimed he was an “envoy of the White House”, a pretention later denied by the White House.

The tour of the crusading homophobe Lively to a Russian province city indicates that US-based religious fundamentalists extend their efforts to increase homophobia beyound Africa to the post-Soviet political space.
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