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Sep 08, 2007 News: IGLHRC Asks to Submit Nominations for the 2008 Felipa Award
By Sven Rabatzky

(USA) - The Felipa Award honors an organization or an individual whose work has made a significant contribution toward securing the full enjoyment of the human rights of all people and communities subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of sexual orientation or expression, gender identity or expression, and/or HIV status, anywhere in the world. The award commemorates Felipa de Souza, a woman who was convicted and tortured in Brazil by the Portuguese Inquisition in 1591 for having sexual relationships with other women.

With the Felipa Award, IGLHRC seeks to publicly recognize the courage and activism of grassroots groups and individuals working under the most challenging conditions in pursuit of human rights for all people irrespective of sexual orientation or expression, gender identity or expression, and/or HIV status. We seek nominations for organizations and individuals from all regions of the world and from as wide a range of communities as possible, particularly from communities with limited access to movement-building resources and support. We welcome nominations for younger as well as more established organizations and individuals.

The Felipa recipient will receive a cash award to help further their work. IGLHRC will also cover all travel and accommodation expenses for the individual award recipient or a designated representative from an organization to travel to the United States to be honored at our annual springtime ceremonies in New York City and San Francisco.

Previous Felipa de Souza Awardees include: Blue Diamond Society, Nepal (2007), Rauda Morcos, ASWAT, Palestinian Activist from Haifa, Israel (2006), Gay and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ), Zimbabwe (2005), The Gender/Sexuality Rights Association of Taiwan (G/STRAT), Taiwan (2004), Lohana Berkins, Argentina (2003), Elizabeth Calvet, Brazil (Honorary Posthumous Award), Marta Lucia Alvarez Giraldo, Marta Lucia Tamayo Rincon, and Alba Nelly Montoya, Colombia; Cui Zi En,
China; Maher Sabry, Egypt (2002), Companions on a Journey and Women's Support Group, Sri Lanka; Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays, Jamaica; Luis Gauthier, Chile (honorary Posthumous Awards) (2001), Dejan Nebrigic, Serbia (Honorary Posthumous Award); Ditshwanelo- The Botswana Center for Human Rights, Botswana; Intersex Society of North America (ISNA), USA; William Hernandez, El Salvador (2000), Aung Myo Min, Burma; Prudence Mabele, South Africa; Kiri Kiri and Chingu Sai, Korea; Simon Nkoli , South Africa (Honorary Posthumous Award) (1999), Circulo
Cultural Gay (CCG), Mexico; Dr. Tal Jarus-Hakak, Israel; Dede Oetomo, Indonisia; Nancy Cardenas, Mexico (Honorary Posthumous Award), Carlos Jauregui, Argentina (Honorary Posthumous Award) (1998), Demet Demir, Turkey; Genc Xhelaj, Albania; The Sister Namibia Collective, Namibia; Wilfredo Valencia Palacios, El Salvador (Honorable Mention) (1997) The Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Group (TGLRG), Australia; Anjaree, Thailand; Luiz Mott, Brazil (1995), Juan Pablo Ordonez, Colombia; ABIGALE, South Africa; Lepa Mladjenovic, Serbia (1994).

The Felipa Award is one of three awards presented each year at A Celebration of Courage, IGLHRC's signature fundraising event, hosted jointly in San Francisco and New York City. A Celebration of Courage provides an important opportunity for IGLHRC to raise awareness among members, donors, and sponsors about the organization's work in international LGBTI human rights. The support generated for IGLHRC at this event from dedicated donors and sponsors is critical to enabling us to do our work and to lend support to our partners and allies throughout the world.

Award Criteria

In reviewing the candidates, the following criteria will be considered:

a) Demonstrated leadership and a record of outstanding achievements in the field of human rights and issues of sexual orientation or expression, gender identity or expression, and/or HIV status;

b) Practical work in the field and in difficult circumstances;

c) Demonstrated capacity to establish links and build lasting coalitions with others struggling for human rights, gender equality, and/or social and economic justice;

d) Predominant activities in developing countries and/or with marginalized communities;

e) Potential impact of the award in supporting and strengthening candidates' work in the future;

f) Limited access to resources.

IGLHRC's Board of Directors will make a final decision regarding the award from the recommendations made by IGLHRC's International Advisory Council and staff. The Board of Directors typically announces its decision by the end of 2007.

Nomination Process

Appliocants can download the nomination form (in Microsoft word format) from IGLHRC’s website
(http://www.iglhrc.org/files/iglhrc/felipa2008/Felipa%20nominations%20form%202008.doc (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7slykecab.0.kmg9kecab.cfeiuxbab.13171&ts=S0278&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.iglhrc.org%2Ffiles%2Figlhrc%2Ffelipa2008%2FFelipa%2520nominations%2520form%25202008.doc)).
Applicants shall ensure to answer all questions on the nomination form. You may use a separate sheet if necessary. Felipa nominations should be mailed, faxed or emailed to the address below by October 15, 2007 in order to qualify for the 2008 award. If you do not receive a confirmation by the end of October 2007, this may mean that your nomination did not reach us in time; we will file your nomination for consideration in the next yearly cycle.

Nominations may be made by anyone, including the candidates themselves. IGLHRC no longer accepts nominations for posthumous awards. We would like to encourage candidates and those
nominating candidates who were not selected in the past to reapply for the award. If you submitted a nomination last year, you do not need to resubmit the whole application, just a letter with relevant updates.

Nominations must be submitted in English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese, which are the languages IGLHRC staff members or volunteers can work with this year. We will make every effort possible to expand the number of languages in the future.

Deadline for nominations: October 15, 2007

Applications shall be sent to :

By Mail:
Felipa Nominations 2008, IGLHRC, 80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1505, New York, NY 10038, USA

By Fax:

By Email:

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