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Category: Editorial

The news items published under this category are as follows.

Feb 17, 2008# Editorial: I Love Peter Tatchell
Editorial_2 I love Peter Tatchell. He’s one of only a few real, living Gay heroes currently on the scene in Britain. Larry Kramer is perhaps his American counterpart. But just as Kramer is oftentimes gloriously blunt in his proclamations, Mr. Tatchell’s latest is maddeningly wedded to a wrongheaded ideal of just what a “post-homophobic society” would (or ought to) look like.
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Oct 10, 2007# Editorial: Ugandan Gays Can't Leave With Empty Hands
Editorial_1 Recently, the Ugandan Minister for Ethics and Integrity repeatedly has suggested that Gays will not be tolerated in the Ugandan society and that all Gays should leave Uganda, presumably to places where they will be treated in a less hideous way. „Let them go to another country, and not here,“ the Minister was quoted by the pro-government newspaper New Vision. If we accept this notion for a moment, than let us consider all the implications of such an exodus of Gays from Uganda.
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Sep 26, 2007# Editorial: Who Said Anything About Bombs?
Int. Solidarity Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke on Monday at Columbia University, where he avoided answering a question on persecution of Gay people in Iran, claiming there were no homosexuals in his country. The world rejoiced, and commentators didn’t spare with scorn on the Iranian President. Only few witnessed that Ahmadinejad’s words caused them no laugh at all, since there are too many dead bodies connected to his presidency.
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Sep 23, 2007# Editorial: Anglican Split And Consequences For Gays
Religion (USA) - Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola is visiting the US congregations, and Gay rights activists do good to let him know he is not welcome. Some 30 protesters expressed their anger outside the Wheaton College chapel, where Akinola was spreading his hateful insights to a willing auditory of several hundred Christian believers. The protesters, who were mostly Christians themselves, accused Akinola of attempts to lure singular Anglican churches away from the official US congregation.
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Sep 08, 2007# Editorial: The Freedom to Hate
Religion Officials of the Church of England have staged a campaign against a proposed legislation. All because the British government is intended to introduce new anti-discrimination laws to protect individuals from humiliation and hostilities. The clergymen are telling us now they are in fear that Christians could be sued under the proposed legislation -- for hatred and harassment of Gays. Why on earth should an assumingly loving and tolerant religion be afraid of implementation of laws against hatred and harassment?
#

Aug 30, 2007# Editorial: Visibility
Editorial_1 Visibility is a huge issue for Gay people. It follows that invisibility is also a huge issue, and one of some sensitivity. Call it a 'sore spot.' Pretty much everyone knows where Gay people come from (except for the wing-nuts, and they're just plain irredeemable): with but a tiny handful of exceptions that prove the rule, Gay people are born into straight families. Gays are steeped in straight culture from day one. It's not really until they manage to escape that culture that Gays really start to properly be themselves. Even then, it takes some time to get one's bearings.
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Aug 23, 2007# Editorial: Open Letter to UK Home Office on Behalf of Pegah Emambakhsh
Editorial_1 As many of us have been alarmed by the news of a Lesbian refugee to be deported to Iran by UK authorities, sending a letter of protest is the least each of us can do to prevent this atrocity being commited by a democratically elected government. Prominent human rights campaigners such as Michael Petrelis and Peter Tatchell have been working along with Gay organizations (IRQO, GALHA and EveryOne) to stop the deportation, writing letters and pressuring the UK to drop the plans of sending Pegah to Iran. Please take a moment and send a fax of protest to the UK Home Office Secretary Jacqui Smith, like I and others have done. Contrary to popular belief, protest letters are very well effective if addressed to the person in charge in sufficient numbers. Below the text of my letter which hopefully inspires you to write one as well.
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Aug 11, 2007# Editorial: The Banality of Evil
Editorial_2 The news of the remarks made by the Italian politician Giancarlo Gentilini, calling for the "ethnic cleansing" of homosexuals from the city of Treviso come as no big surprise. Not because the remarks were uttered by a genuine fascist known for his insanity, but because they reflect a state of mind which is more frequent than some "post-Gay" homosexuals comfort themselves to believe. This state of mind is determined by the light-hearted readiness to commit murder for the sole purpose as to get rid of a minor nuisance. Mind you, this remarks were made in a country where people get arrested for nothing more than kissing in front of the colosseum... Gives one to think.
#

Jul 23, 2007# Editorial: Imagined Homophobia? You Must Be Kidding.
Editorial_1 In a recent article on Inside Housing about homeless Gay youth, Gayle Jones, chair of the LGBT group at St Mungo’s, was cited claiming: "young gay people often imagined there was more homophobia in hostels that there was. They needed as much education and advice as possible to know what options were available to them." I'm shaking my head here in utter disbelief. They imagine there is more homophobia in hostels than actually exists there? Of course they imagine it... it would hardly be prudent for them to just traipse in to "test the water." What does Ms Jones think these young people are going to do -- test a large and statistically significant sample of hostels and then come to a reasoned conclusion about what sorts of behavior are statistically likely to be encountered in them?
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Apr 16, 2007# Editorial: Harvey Milk's Times... the Second & Third Time Around
Editorial_1 Nearly 30 years ago, San Francisco city Supervisor Harvey Milk was assassinated by a str8 ex-cop whose name doesn't deserve to be to remembered. Milk died because he was gay-- not just gay, but gay and visible and in a position of power. He was the first openly gay man to get elected to anything, anywhere in America. And a str8 psychopathic ex-cop killed him for it. Harvey Milk was a real person, but to most gay people, here at 30 years distance, he's become a figment of gay history. A beloved one, to be sure, but a figment nonetheless.
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Apr 13, 2007# Editorial: Roseanne Simply Misses the Point
Editorial_1 Recently, the US comedian Roseanne Barr shared her wisdom with us during a show on KCAA radio in San Bernardino where she is a regular guest host. She has since apoplogized thoroughly for her statements, but there is more to this issue than hastily uttered, unfortutately worded misapprehensions.
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Apr 10, 2007# Editorial: The Hidden Power of Guerilla Cocktails
Editorial_1 There's an old newsroom adage that says just as soon as reporters find out about a trend, it's already over. But reports in the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and most recently, ABC News haven't manage to kill of an American phenomenon called Guerrilla Queer Bar... a phenom that one group of organizers call "a combination of flashmob and the French Revolution. Only gayer. [And with] fewer decapitations."
#

Apr 09, 2007# Editorial: The Politics of Playing Army
Editorial_1 From the GRD Editorial desk: It’s just two sentences in a story about US troops patrolling in Afghanistan. After stopping a local man that they think looks shady, a US soldier pats the guy down for contraband. At that, the Afghani trembles. "'Ask the guy why he's jumping around," [the] suspicious soldier tells the interpreter as he slides his hands up and down a farmer's pants. 'He thinks you are gay,' the smiling interpreter responds."
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Apr 08, 2007# Editorial: The Limits of Reasonableness
Editorial_1 From the GRD Editorial desk: Detroit News columnist Roland S. Martin means well. There's no doubting that. He meant well when he penned a recent commentary urging Christians to 'take back the faith,' writing, "[w]hen did it come to the point that being a Christian meant only caring about two issues -- abortion and homosexuality?" Of course, the literal answer is an easy one: just as soon Christians in the US organized politically as Christians. But, if that be so, why is it so?
#

Apr 07, 2007# Editorial: To Kansas Civil Unions and The Horse They Rode In on
Editorial_1 From the Gay Republic Daily Editorial desk: - Kansas' state Attorney General has issued a non-binding legal opinion that clears the way for civil unions in the city of Lawrence. And without knowing it, he confirms that those sorts of 'recognized' unions are worthless. Waaay back in the days of yore, back in the dark days of 2005 'round about when that damn Black Eyed Pea 'Humps' song came out... you know back then, the voters in Kansas passed one of those ultra-nasty, anti-gay constitutional amendments that restricts marriage to 'one man and one woman'.
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Mar 29, 2007# Editorial: Lesbian Legal-ese & This Baby Business
Editorial_1 From the Gay Republic Daily Editorial desk: In Georgia yesterday, the state Supreme Court ducked the issue of whether it was okay to strip parental rights from the former spouse of a child's biological parent. At specific issue was whether or not both members of a lesbian couple (Sara & Melody Wheeler) were properly the parents of a child conceived via artificial insemination while the couple was together.
#

Mar 25, 2007# Editorial: Human-Rights Report Shows Worldwide Anti-gay Abuses
Editorial_1 From the Gay Republic Daily Editorial desk: The US State department has just issued its Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 2006, and it's chock full of criticism for a host of countries for their anti-gay policies; fully 143 countries are listed. Naturally, being produced by Americans, the report doesn't specify any anti-gay abuses for which the US is responsible... or does it?
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Mar 24, 2007# Editorial: The American Mind: Pew!
Editorial_1 From the Gay Republic Daily Editorial desk: Thanks to Larry Kramer, this week began with a Big Bang that was meant to resurrect ACT UP. It's too soon to tell whether or not that blast worked, but the week ends nonetheless with some good news from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Friday, the non-partisan pollsters there put out a detailed read on American attitudes, as measured from 1987 till now. And whatever you think of polls, the numbers are actually somewhat encouraging... for a change.
#

Mar 23, 2007# Editorial: Stand Too Close to the Hogs and You Get Some Slop on Your Suit
Politics From the Gay Republic Daily Editorial desk: Gay people might be forgiven for being a trifle confused about where Presidential aspirant Mitt Romney stands on gay rights. Pick a period in time, and Romney has spoken in favor of every side of the issue, good, bad and indifferent. Running for the Senate in Massachusetts, he once claimed nothing less than that he was a better friend to GLBTs than Teddy Kennedy; then a year ago, he spearheaded the effort for a state Constitutional amendment to stop us from marrying there. This guy is slippery, isn't he? Well, not so slippery anymore, despite joining some slimy company.
#

Mar 22, 2007# Editorial: MN: What If We Allowed Gay Partners Hospital Visits?
Equal Marriage From the Gay Republic Daily Editorial desk: In a stunning step that would drag Minnesota law forward, kicking and screaming, smack-dab and shining, into the early 1990s, lawmakers are considering passing legislation that says that a gay partner ought to be allowed to visit his or her distressed beloved should said partner become hospitalized.
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